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What's old, is new again. Well at least colourful anyways.

A little something about the new collection and what's happening in August. Yup so you may have noticed I released a new little collection of mix and match homewares called "Eclectic" over the past few weeks. Well if you didn't know about it, I assume it was because you were busy watching the Ashes or the Women's World Cup and missed the 100's of posts about it. It's ok, I'll forgive you. Just make it up to me by liking this blog post and well even better - buying some art ( wink wink )

The collection included everything from sculptural pieces to restored furniture - honestly something for everyone and every budget. As creatives, we tend to hold on to basically everything because its always a possible "project" or has "potential" - let's be honest this is 100% me. Those that have seen my place know about the "project room". So I figured after a little win with my health earlier this year, I'd finally tackle these ideas.

After a few months of injections to help with my arthritis, my hands allowed me to pick up a sander, a staple gun, a glue gun, hammer and drill - All the fun tools! The tools of trade I'd missed so much. So as my old gal body started to feel new again, it made sense to breathe some new colourful-abstract-tishwillo life back into to some old things. For me there is such a magical beauty in age. The withering and disintegration of a fabric, the wear marks & scratches on old timber legs, the colour changes. The ageing process on a neglected piece of furniture reveals so many patterns, details, layers - if only they could talk. I wanted to honour these imperfections in this collection. Bringing them back to life, but respecting and show casing the dents, cracks and scratches.

The Eclectic collection for me was all about the restoration process. Injecting new life into something which would have otherwise ended up at the tip. My heart breaks at the thought of all the beautiful furniture that ends my buried and left to rot. Hand sanding layers of dust and cracked paint to reveal the original colours, hidden moments in time that were painted over. Along the way some epic 70's fabric has been revealed, colours of decades old timber unearthed and well a whole lot of dust cleaned up.

Then came the colour, not just any colour but Tish Willo colour and well lots of it. Repainted candlesticks, sculptures and vessels bright, abstract and everything you'd expect to find in a Tish Willo artwork. Piano stools and foot stools reuplosterd with luxury printed fabric thanks to my friends at Next State Print. Velvets and Linens printed with such vibrancy and detail from my original paintings truly added an injection of life into the projects and at the same time me. My gosh did it feel good to be covered in dust and paint and well making an absolute mess again. My poor little hands, held up well - mind you they are a little sore now. Was it worth the effort and the pain? ABSOLUTELY. It felt good to be so hands on again and it's always a good feeling to clear up the "project" room! Just made room for more haha

The Eclectic collection is now live to shop at I'd love it if you could take a look, share a insta pic or tell a friend or 3! All the love is appreciated more than you know.

Now, you are probably itching to know what's happening in August. Well starting from the 1st I'll be having an ARTRAGEOUS sale. See what I did there haha. It won't be a normal run of the mill few day sale, it has a twist. 1 piece of Art/Furniture will be advertised via socials for a special 24 hour price. All pieces will be under $400 and only reduced for a 24 time frame. 1 piece a day, for 31 days. Some pieces you may have already seen and with any luck you've already have had your eye on - others will be advertised for the first time. Something different every day. So I'd suggest you make sure to have your socials on, tell every single one of your friends and be ready to get in first when the sale drops! Can't wait to find new homes for some of these pieces.

Well folks, that's all from me - I know it's been a while between ramblings, I appreciate you sticking around and always appreciate the support. As always if you see something you like, let me know or better yet let everyone know.

Peace & Creativity Tish x

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