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Creative Days...

Today was a good day, the very first of many to come. A day just for me, my soul and creativity.

I won't harp on too much about it, but it's a day I've worked towards for a long time. For some a little RDO might not be much, but for me it is all very exciting. A day to dedicate just to me and all things arty! Woohoo! so what does this mean? ART TIME BABY!

So many ideas, so many projects on the go. I'll try my best not to add any more to the list, but hey if you know me you'll know that's a big ask. I love nothing more than a new idea, a creative adventure a different sketch book to begin. Now I've got a bit more time to do it!

So what's the plan for 2024? A lot and nothing all at once ( I'm not sure it's possible, but hey, I'll do me and see what happens ) . I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to set all these crazy creative goals, but what I will do is be honest and authentic. 2024 is the year of honesty and authenticity for both myself and my creative practice. I had one wild creative adventure in 2023, in fact I painted my butt off. Some of it I loved, connected and felt truely at one with. The rest of it, well not so much.

I found my self painting for others, painting for social media and making for the dollar. Nothing authentic about that, nothing good for the soul either. While financially it was a successful year for my humble little art biz, it wasn't fulfilling. My heart felt a little empty and my soul longed for more. This as you've probably worked out is how I came to "Honesty & Authenticity" being my words/inspo/motto - what ever you want to call it for the year ahead, or well, until I'm ready to move on. But to be fair, they are not bad words to live by right?

Now I'm very lucky to have these days for me, I'm looking forward to drinking tea, scribbling in my books and painting up a storm. A creative mess just for me. Being truthful to what I feel, see and hear. Creating that authentic life for me. To fall in love with the magic of art all over again. To make the most of it all, and every day

The little girl below, is a very happy girl today x

Thanks for reading my waffle once again, I'd love it if you'd stick around for the creative madness that will follow this year.

Peace, Love & Art

Tish x

P.S Do you have a word/motto/inspo/mantra for the year? Care to share if you?

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