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2022 - What a creative year!

Happy New Year!

I'm sure by the title of this blog, you know where it's going. The good ol 22 Recap - let's be honest, everyone's doing it. So I figured why not. It's always an amazing and emotional time to sit down, reflecting on the year gone. It's crazy to think that 2022 is all done & dusted and that another year awaits. What lies ahead is anyones guess, but the possibilities and endless and that's exciting. I hope you'll tag along for the ride x

2022 was a year filled with a little bit of everything for me on the creative front. Somehow I've been able to pick 9 images that sum up my year. As a creative, I've got 1000's of photos of my phone, so picking 9 was quite the challenge. I opted out of the top 9 insta pics that are generated by likes, because these pics are about me and what mattered most to me this year.

So without further delay, left to right - lets go:

1: Good Vibes Only -Need I say more? This neon sign sits brightly in my office, a constant reminder to all who read it. The art work, a commission for a very special friend was my very last painting of the year and one of my absolute favourite. Hopefully I'll get to create a sister piece for her this year :) What made this commission so special, was the trust bestowed upon myself to create something real, honest and reflective of both the collector and my self. Thank you for the opportunity xx

2: Me: Smiling my tired little face off, in the front of my very first exhibition. I set out in the new year with the hope of a little show, and in November I pulled it off. Blood, Sweat and Tears but I did it and it was EVERYTHING. The size of my smile and beer might be an indication of how chuffed I was. A massive shout out goes to Steve & The Team at Henry's on Eighth for letting me showcase my work in the most beautiful of venues, for a cracking opening night and well for always just having a good vibe!

3: Exhibition Invite: Unless I am myself, I am nobody - Virigina Woolf. My words of 2022 and the title of my debut exhibition. I resonate with much of Virginia's work, connecting so deeply to many of stories, her worlds, her emotions. The paintings in my exhibitions were named after Virginia Woolf quotes. My little thank you for the words that inspired me to not only paint, but to be myself.

4: Seasonal Display @ Seasonal Brewing: I was lucky enough to adorn the walls of the epic venue that is Seasonal Brewing in Maylands this year. For almost 3 months I had artwork displayed throughout the venue, being seen by pub goers every day. The team at Seasonal are great, the food is top notch and well the beers - cold & delish. If you every get the chance, I highly recommend and while you are there you'll be able to take in some great artwork from local Perth creatives. Thanks Seasonal Brewing - You guys rock!

5: Trust: My first big commission - my biggest creative test. And by big I mean big 2 giant 2m x 2m canvas! These two giant paintings pushed me to my creative limits and forced me to dive deep into my practice and create authentically. After 5 or so revisions ( We named the artworks "5 Revisions" haha ) I finally connected with the paintings and was able to deliver them to a very trusting and patient friend. Thank you for the opportunity xx

6: Corporate Art: Although technically completed in late 2021, I got to spend the year absorbing these 2 paintings, created specially for the Crib Creative offices. This artwork now sits as a background for The Crunch podcast, Crib Marketing and welcomes clients to the office space. So truly grateful for the opportunity to have created this art. Its also pretty great going to work every day and getting to admire them :) Thanks so much Crib Crew, Ya big bunch of legends xx

7: Tribute: Green Dress, Pearl Earring. A painting to honour my incredible Nana, who sadly we said goodbye to this year. I started this painting following her passing as a way to grieve and pay respects to an incredible woman. The painting evolved into a colourful tribute, taking from a photograph of my self as a child with my beautiful Nan in green dress and pearl earrings. I donated 50% of the sales of the painting to Dementia research, in the hope that one day this terrible disease is no more. Love you always Nan.

8: Manic and Mania: Created in well, a state of mania, it was a source of therapy and release for me as I tried to understand and sit with my mental state. I live with mental health disorders and so much of my healing comes from the ability to express what I can not verbalise by ways of visual art. This painting captured so much of my energy, state of mind and creativity at the time and turned out to be one of my all time faves. I also submitted this painting to the City of Bayswater art prize and was selected for the exhibition. P.S the work is still available if you connect with it and would like it at your place - Just let me know.

9: When you feel everything: 2022 was a huge year creativly for me, but also health wise. I struggle with a number of ongoing health issues and this year was no expectation. As a way of dealing with the depression and fustratiation that comes with doctors and specialists appointments, I took to the canvas to release. The result of this beauty and I LOVE HER! she's honest, raw and took every single one of my emotions at the time. Hence the name.

P.S the work is still available if you connect with it and would like it at your place - Just let me know.

So I'll finish this trip down memory lane, with a thank you. A HUGE THANK YOU, for all the support in 2022. Every like, share, read, website click, comment and purchase mean the absolute world to me and I'm so so grateful for all you wonderful humans.

Thanks for sticking around, I hope you are ready for the 2023 adventure and may your new year be full of creativity, you time and laughter - what more could you want right?

Peace x


P.S Looking for some art for your place? If so head over to the website shot or let me know If you'd like me to create something specifically for you space - I'd love to chat with you xx

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