As far back as I can remember, I've been creating... drawing my year one teacher, in bright colours - despite her only wearing black, earnt me my first art award when I was 6 years old. Today this work still hangs proudly with its gold star at my parents home in WA.

A lot has changed in the 30ish years since that drawing, one being my home. WA will always be home, but after many years travelling and living overseas I've settled in Melbourne. One thing that hasn't changed, is my love for creating. My hands and my mind need to create, every day - Paint, Draw, Scribble just something. 

For me, art is intuitive - you create what you feel, sometimes its good, sometimes its not. What matters is the fact you create. My day to day practice, changes depending on the weather, the colour of my socks, the song on the radio and as a result I have a constantly evolving palette and abstract process. My works reflect, these changes, these feelings and emotions and I believe this is what makes art powerful.

This brings me to now, recently returned to Australia, from a few years in the South Pacific I have so much inspiration in my veins, I just cant wait to get it out and share it with you. What you'll most likely notice, is my love of colour, strong marks and patterns. Colour is such a powerful and emotive tool, one which I would be lost without. I do hope you join me on my creative colourful abstract journey.

Tish x