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"Those" Conversations

Every now and then we cross paths with special souls.

Today I was lucky enough to have one of “those” conversations. You know the ones I mean, the chats where you leave feeling a deep sense of purpose. The ones that leave you inspired. The ones you never want to end. The ones that invigorate your soul. The ones that remind you of your beliefs.

It wasn’t long, it wasn’t planned but, it was the perfect words at the right time. Creativity and its healing powers. What an absolute mood booster.

For me as a creative, there is something truly special about watching someone else discover their creative magic. From a conversation many many months ago about getting started, to today when I picked up a beautiful and unique piece of artistic beauty. The healing power of creativity was immensely evident. Not only for me, but for the soul who birthed the beauty into the world.

A healing practice, looks different for all. Some run for miles, some practice yoga. Others prefer to create – paint, sculpt, potter. It doesn’t matter what is it, what matters is that it’s done. That it’s done for you and only you. Hey sure it’s a bonus if there is something created out of it that you put out into the world. But even if your creations never see the light of day, what matters is that you’ve fixed a little piece of yourself in the process.

When you engage in a conversation about inspiration and finding beauty like I did today, it’s hard not to get excited. You walk away with a little spring in your step, a little flutter in your chest. Something just clicks. You are reminded to look at things differently, to look more closely. Even to simply look. Inspiration and Beauty are truly all around.

As I sit here, admiring a piece of someone’s soul, a little piece of their healing journey, a little piece of themselves, I am in awe of its power. Today it came as the reminder I needed. the reminder that art can heal one’s soul and at the same time, make the world more beautiful.

To the creative that inspired this post, this goes out to you today. Thank you.

Tish x

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