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Ocean Therapy... Its a thing ( trust me )

A few weeks back I wrote about a shift I felt at the water. An emotional shift and subsequently a creative shift. Walking in the water, breathing in the ocean hear and listening to the sounds of waves inspired me greatly. As a result I spent some time playing with new mediums, exploring colours and creating in a fluid like flow state, similar to that of the ocean movements and Ta-Dah success ( well at least I think so ).

What transpired in front of me was whimsical colours, free flowing marks and emotional intuitive creations. Deep blues & teals, dark & raw greys and blacks, with pops of aqua and copper, all swirling around on the canvas and paper. I'm not going to lie, it felt good - really good to be back in the studio! Yay for me!

Ocean Transference, Ocean Shift Change & Oceans of Emotions are words and titles I felt best captured this little collection of creativity and represented the journey of creativity.

It felt good to be back creating again, cant wait to see what's next x

P.S the collection is now live at if you want to take a peep

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