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If 2020 was a snakes alive snake, it would be the green one!

As I sit in the blur of days that is the time between Christmas and New Years, eating the last of the Christmas leftovers, I realise I've had quite the year. Pandemic aside its been a rollercoaster. An international move, health issues, finding my feet in a new city, launching a business in a pandemic, realising creative dreams and of course, some creative burnout to top it off.

With a new year comes optimism, excitement and big dreams, with 2020 starting no differently. A move from our island paradise Fiji to Melbourne took place. A new city to explore and create in was definitely exciting. Settling in, just before lockdown ( the first time around ) I was lucky enough to have the energy and inspiration to create. And wow did I create. I look back now at the sheer volume of works I created it and how much I explored & involved in just a few short months. I must admit, I'm pretty chuffed with my efforts.

Of course came lockdown 2.0 and around the same time some failing health issues. determined to make the most out of the time at home and equally determined to win the on going health battles in my life, I pushed. I pushed hard and well it turns out in hindsight, a little too hard. The small business hustle is hard at the best of times, let alone in stage 4 lockdown for months on end. But I did it. I got fancy with a logo, website and even this blog. But most of all I fulfilled a dream I'd had for many many years. My abstract creations on fabric. There was definitely a happy dance and tears shed when I opened my first batch of printed fabric. So many emotions. I'm so proud of this achievement and I look forward to having the energy again soon to develop these fabrics and patterns into colourful creations for the world to see. If you gotten this far, watch this space folks. Please! I'll get there eventually.

Creatively, 2020 gave me everything and took everything. Being an artist is hard. ( I think this is the first time I've been comfortable calling myself an artist ) Its been months since I've picked up a brush or crayon and while that's scary for someone who's art is therapy, I'm ok with it. I know its been a year like no other and I cant/won't put too much pressure on myself and my creativity. I know it will return and if it comes back anything like it did in the start of 2020 - WOW - I'm excited.

2020 saw me experience some of my highest highs and lowest lows ( I've never really been a fan of rollercoasters ) but hey what can you do? Sit down, shut up, hold on and see what a ride 2021 is going to be!

Peace, Love & Creative Happiness,

Tish x

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