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Trust & Belief

Trust, its one of the hardest things to do in this life. Trust your instincts, trust your heart, trust yourself. Trust that you can do it. Its something that keeps us up at night, makes us sick to our stomach, but is something that, once believed and felt can fill you with so much power and energy you can move mountains. Or in my case paint them.

So why is it easier for someone else to trust your artistic ability and talents, than it is for you to trust and believe you can do it?

Before we trust, we doubt. As creatives we are filled with doubts about what we create, how we create and even why we create. Well I know I am, but I'm sure I'm not alone with this doubt. It can be something as simple as doubting a colour choice, debating if a masterpiece is finished yet or doubting the fact that you are an Artist after all. Doubt, Doubt, Doubt. When we find ourselves creating for ourselves, this doubt can subside. As far as I am concerned, it never fully goes away, but it can hide for a little while. Just enough to allow you to create magic. Magic for you, magic for only you. But when you starting creating for someone else, whoever that may be, that doubt creeps back and the magic disappears. Well for me it does.

When you consider that someone is purchasing your creation, parting with their hard earned money for something you have made, it can be scary thing to create. To know they love your work and can see a place for it in their lives. It's an honour to be asked. For some, commissioned based art is a breeze. You have a distinct style, and people know what to expect. The consumer has complete trust in you and your creation. I'm certainly not one of these people. On the other hand, for a creative like me, its a terrifying process. Its one that fills me with so much doubt and fear its crazy. Almost to point where I say no to commissions. Theres something about creating under pressure or to someone else's expectations, that can be truly overwhelming. Especially when ones style is so expressive and intuitive. Am I going to compromise my beliefs?

How do I capture my mood, my feelings, my vibe when someone else's expectation is the end goal?

TRUST. it comes down to trust. Its the belief that someone else has has in me, to say hey "Can you create something to go in this space " Surely if they believe I can do it, then I should right? Not always, but it's something I'm working on. For someone to trust in your creative ability and give you the freedom you need to create a masterpiece, is an increbidly humbling experience. To be given complete creative control to create a masterpiece, no matter the size, is an absolute thrill, when you can trust and believe you can.

And so today I trust & believe that I can. And hey I'm not starting small just two maybe 3m x 2m pieces for a hallway in a stunning home. Only brief, just do you. To the homeowner who will one day soon hang these works ( Hopefully ) thank you for trusting me and believing in my art. It means everything and I look forward to delivering a masterpiece. To know my creative process is valued and understood is everything. It's given me the power to believe in my art and to trust in my way. THANK YOU!

Stay tuned, I'll reveal the process as it comes to life.

Peace & Art

Tish x

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