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Today I felt a shift...

This morning when I woke with an overwhelming sense of uneasiness, I took myself to the ocean. I needed to heal, the Ocean always soothes and heals my soul and today was no exception.

After weeks of pain and minimal creating, infact almost no creating for myself, I felt something inside me shift. A shift that may bring me back to my craft. It may not, but these feelings are powerful and I don't want to ignore them. When art is your therapy, the one thing that you cant live without and you can't do it, it's hard. Well lets be honest it's beyond hard. So much of our souls is reflected in our art and many of us use it to explain how we feel and what we need. When you cant create, these emotions and feelings have no where to go. They simply swell and form an uncomfortable uneasiness in the bottom of ones stomach.

Today this bundled up energy and I guess angst, left me - It wasn't a big scream it all out moment at the beach looking like a mad woman. More like a few hours with the salt water and salty tears that cleared my mind. The ocean is powerful. Sitting in the sand, cold wet feet surrounded by natures patterns, I felt a spark of my creativity come back. I felt all the feels and it felt good. It's emotional. There were tears.

I felt inspired today. Inspired for the first time in a long and I have Mother Nature to thank for that.

Peace & Healing,

An emotional Tish x

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Oct 29, 2020

I love that! And everything about this comment x ❤️


Oct 29, 2020

We're in Freo on a mini staycation and you've been in my thoughts often today. Now I know why. Tears are our body's way of letting go so that we can reconnect with ourselves. Sending creative energy your way gorgeous. Much love xx

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