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Mindful Mind...

Its been a while between posts, I've been busy and emotional. A few weeks back I released some mixed media works on paper. The Mindful Mind Collection I called it, or the Head dump series as I affectionately know it as. It was a body of work, that was purely from the soul. Created over different days and different moods, my rollercoaster of emotions.

As you can imagine, different days bring different energies and all sorts of different emotions and feelings. Living in Victoria, we are dealing with lockdowns, as I write this we are in the middle of Lockdown Number 5. The emotional toll each lockdown takes is hard. Its frustrating but also comforting for me in a way. It allows me the time to stop and process all that is running around in my mind. And if you've seen the artwork, you probably realised there's a lot going on. The works are heavy with colour, lines, marks. They appear messy and chaotic, sporadic, yet focused and controlled. Well that's what I see anyways. I'd love to know what you see?

When you struggle to verbally communicate for what ever reason, the relief art brings is immense. The freedom to simply be you. To let it all pour out over the paper. Every brushstroke an idea, each scribble a feeling, all the marks a memory. When I look back at the work, I can clearly see where I was with each one, mentally and even physically. The bright chorus of colours are often complemented with many lines, marks and scribbles. Layers and Layers of frustrations, chaos and I guess a little bit of happiness thrown in on top. Some are more muted, different for me but yet they felt raw and honest. They felt like me. A sense of contentment and an overwhelming sense of calm. A new direction I'm interested in following.

What I can say is that these works helped me heal. The healing part of art is extraordinary. This won't be the last time I bang on about it that's for sure. It allowed me in a tough time, to be free. To express and communicate visually, in what I believe are some of my best works yet. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what was created. What matters is there was a shift in me, emotional progress. Healing. Even if those works never saw the light of day, I know deep down, the incredible purpose they served.

And with that I'll keep it short today. If you ever want to chat about the healing powers of creativity and art, just reach out - I'd love to explore it with you.

Peace, Love & Creativity

Tish x

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