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Green Dress, Pearl Earring. A Tribute

Nan, A incredible woman with a smile that would light up any room. For those that knew her, she was the kindest most caring woman. Beautiful inside and out. To me, I was lucky to call her my Nan.

Saying goodbye to Nan was hard, one of the hardest things my family and I will ever do. To help deal with this pain and grief, I did only what I knew would help. Paint. I picked up the paint brush and I painted. With such feeling and emotional, I painted. A tribute to my incredible Nan. Intuitive and colourful this piece expresses all I could not verbalise at the loss of my Nan. The good times, the sadness. The memories. All of the feels captured can canvas.

I realised at one point through the covering of the canvas that the colours reminded me of something. They were reflective of my favourite photo of little me and my Nan. Always immaculate and perfectly put together was my Nan. This green dress was fabulous. And then there is little me with a fringe that might as well be a bowl cut. But hey, didn't we all have these growing up at some point?

While a terrible disease may have taken so much of my dear Nan, I know she is now safe with Pop. Hopefully they are having a little giggle that this tribute to her, is now hanging in pub. Nan was always partial to a coldie. Nan, we raise a glass to you.

Dementia is a cruel disease, one that took so many things from my Nan. One that robs so many of us of the special people we love and cherish. 50% of the sale of this work, will be donated to Dementia research efforts in Australia. Thank you not only for the sale and support but for the kindness and generosity.

If you'd like to admire the beauty that is this Tribute, you can pop down to Seasonal Brewing, Maylands WA to see her. If you are interested in purchasing the works, you can shop online or contact me directly.

Love you Nan x

Tish x

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